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Dr Mahesh G.V

Principal Research Scientist PWB Design using CAD tools... View Profile

Mr J E Diwarkar

Principal Scientist Electromechanical Systems Design and Mechatronics... View Profile

Dr Chandramani Singh

Assistant Professor Communication Networks Stochastic Systems Cloud ... View Profile

Prof Gopakumar K

Professor Multiphase Induction Motor Drives,, Multilevel Inv... View Profile

Prof Joy Kuri

Professor Electronics and Telecommunication Engineering, Mod... View Profile

Dr Mayank Shrivastava

Assistant Professor Beyond CMOS Devices, 2D And 1D Materials, Nanoscal... View Profile

Dr Santanu Mahapatra

Associate Professor Nano-Technology, Nano Scale Semiconductor Device, ... View Profile

Dr Shayan Garani Srinivasa

Assistant Professor Information Theory, Coding And Signal Processing F... View Profile

Dr Chandramani Kishore Singh

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Chetan Singu Thakur

Assistant Professor Neuromorphic Engineering, Analog/Digital IC design... View Profile

Dr Hardik J. Pandya

Assistant Professor Microengineered Devices, Cancer Diagnosis, Biomedi... View Profile

Dr Haresh Dagale

Principal Research Scientist Embedded systems - Embedded systems, TCP-IP networ... View Profile

Dr Kuruvilla Varghese

Principal Research Scientist Communication Networks - Communication networks, D... View Profile

Prof L Umanand

Professor Power electronics - Renewable energy systems, phot... View Profile

Prof N S Dinesh

Professor Electromechanics - Electromechanical systems, mech... View Profile

Dr T V Prabhakar

Principal Research Scientist Communication Networks - Communication system... View Profile

Prof L M Patnaik

Retired Faculty Computer Architecture, High Performance Computing,... View Profile

Prof Pittet C. Andre

Retired Faculty ... View Profile