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Prof R.M. Vasu

Professor Inverse Problems in the Context of Structural Engi... View Profile

Prof S. Asokan

Professor Phase Change Memories, Chalcogenide Glasses, Elect... View Profile

Prof K. Rajanna

Professor Sensors, Transducers and related Instrumentation, ... View Profile

Prof G. Mohan Rao

Professor Plasma Processing.... View Profile

Prof J Nagaraju

Professor Biomedical Instrumentation, Impedance Imaging Inst... View Profile

Dr N.C. Shivaprakash

Chief Research Scientist Nuclear Magnetic Resonance.... View Profile

Dr Partha P. Mondal

Associate Professor Super-resolution Fluorescence Microscopy, Nanoscal... View Profile

Prof K.R. Gunasekar

Principal Research Scientist PAPVD, Ion Plating, Sputtering Techniques for Trib... View Profile

Dr T.K. Mondal

Principal Research Scientist Applied Physics.... View Profile

Prof S. Ramgopal

Principal Research Scientist Electronic Instrumentation, PC Based Instrumentati... View Profile

Dr Abha Misra

Assistant Professor Nano Manipulation.... View Profile

Dr G.R. Jayanth

Assistant Professor Precision motion Control, Nanometrology, Scannin... View Profile

Dr Sai Siva Gorthi

Assistant Professor Computational Imaging, Microscopy, Microfluidics, ... View Profile

Dr Chandni U.

Assistant Professor Nanoscale Device Physics... View Profile

Dr Asha Bhardwaj

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sanjiv Sambandan

Associate Professor Flexible Electronics... View Profile

Dr Baladitya Suri

Assistant Professor LITERATURE RESOURCE... View Profile

Dr V.C. Vani

Senior Scientific Officer Physics ... View Profile