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Prof Joseph Mathew

Professor Fluid mechanics, Turbulence Turbulent flow computa... View Profile

Prof. K.P. Rao

Professor Structural Stabiligy,Composite Shell... View Profile

Prof O. N. Ramesh

Professor Fluid Dynamics & Aerodynamics... View Profile

Prof K. N. Lakshmisha

Professor Turbulent Combustion and Solid Rocket Propellants... View Profile

Prof Gopalan Jagadeesh

Professor Experimental Hypersonics, Shock wave dynamics... View Profile

Dr Radhakant Padhi

Professor Nonlinear, optimal, adaptive and intelligent contr... View Profile

Prof N. Balakrishnan

Professor Computational Fluid Dynamics: Algorithms and Appli... View Profile

Prof S. Gopalakrishnan

Professor Wave Propagation, Structural Dynamics, Structural ... View Profile

Prof Ranjan Ganguli

Professor Rotorcraft, Structural Dynamics, Aeroelasticity, C... View Profile

Dr D. Sivakumar

Associate Professor Atomization of liquid jets and sheets – Experime... View Profile

Dr Suresh Sundaram

Associate Professor Intelligent flight control system, Autonomous Syst... View Profile

Dr S. V. Raghurama Rao

Associate Professor Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering... View Profile

Prof D. Roy Mahapatra

Associate Professor Mechanics of Materials,Materials and Structural Di... View Profile

Dr Ashwini Ratnoo

Associate Professor Guidance and control of autonomous vehicles, Path ... View Profile

Prof Srisha Rao M V

Associate Professor Exciting research is being carried out in both ext... View Profile

Dr Suhasini Gururaja

Associate Professor Mechanics of Composite Materials... View Profile

Dr Santosh Hemchandra

Associate Professor Combustion, Combustion Instability , Multi-phase f... View Profile

Dr Dineshkumar Harursampath

Associate Professor Stability Mechanics ... View Profile

Ms Rishita Das

Assistant Professor Aerodynamics Turbulent flows, Low-speed & High-sp... View Profile

Dr Aravind Balan

Assistant Professor Aerodynamics... View Profile

Dr Irfan Mulla

Assistant Professor Quantitative laser-based measurements of species i... View Profile

Dr Sourabh Suhas Diwan

Assistant Professor Aerodynamics ... View Profile

Dr Pratikash Prakash Panda

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Duvvuri Subrahmanyam

Assistant Professor aero/fluid dynamics,... View Profile

Dr Rajesh Chaunsali

Assistant Professor Solid/structural Mechanics, Mechanics of Advanced ... View Profile

Dr Vivekanand Dabade

Assistant Professor Solid Mechanics, Phase transitions, Material Insta... View Profile

Dr S. N. Omkar

Chief Research Scientist Helicopter dynamics, Satellite image processing, B... View Profile

Dr N. K. S. Rajan

Principal Scientist Heat Transfer, Experimental and Computational Flui... View Profile

Mr Nagashetty K

Scientific Officer Aerodynamics and Shock Wave dynamics... View Profile

Dr S. B. Kandagal

Principal Research Scientist Structural mechanics, Vibration and noise control,... View Profile

Dr G. Narayana Naik

Principal Research Scientist Finite Element,Failure Mechanism for Composite... View Profile

Prof V. Surendranath

Principal Research Scientist ... View Profile

Dr S. Saravanan

Principal Research Scientist Shock tunnel testing of scaled configurations, Ins... View Profile

Prof Charlie Oommen

Scientific Officer High energy materials, Propellants, Fuels, Explosi... View Profile

Prof Debasish Ghose

Professor (HAG) Arospace Engineering, Robotics, Autonomous Aerospa... View Profile

Dr M. Ramachandra Bhat

Chief Research Scientist Detection, Evaluation and Characterization of Defe... View Profile

Prof V. Mani

Retired Faculty Distributed computing systems, Systems engineering... View Profile

Dr P.J. Paul

Retired Faculty Rocket Propelant Biomess Energy... View Profile

Dr P. S. Kulkarni

Retired Faculty Computational Fluid Dynamics, Algorithms and Appli... View Profile

Prof. J. Dey

Retired Faculty Fluid Dynamics, Aero Dynamics... View Profile

Dr T. S. Sheshadri

Retired Faculty Aeroacoustics, Magnetoplasmadynamics, Electromecha... View Profile

Prof B. N. Raghunandan

Retired Professor Combustion and Propulsion, Internal flows, Heat an... View Profile

Prof S.P. Govindaraju

Retired Faculty Aircraft Design,Unmanned Air Vehicles... View Profile

Prof M Seetharama Bhat

Retired Faculty Guidance, Control and Dynamics of Aerospace Vehicl... View Profile

Prof K. P. J. Reddy

Retired Faculty Hypersonic Aerodynamics, Application Of Lasers, Mo... View Profile

Prof P R Mahapatra

Retired Faculty Aerospace and electronic systems, Aerospace naviga... View Profile