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Prof Nagasuma Chandra

Professor Systems Biology, Drug Discovery, Structural Bioinf... View Profile

Dr Sathees C Raghavan

Professor Cancer Genetics, Genomic Instability, DNA Repair a... View Profile

Dr Patrick D' Silva

Professor Chaperone Mediated Protein Folding in Cell, Mitoch... View Profile

Dr Ganesh Nagaraju

Professor DNA repair Chromosome instability Genetic diseas... View Profile

Prof Utpal S. Tatu

Professor Biology of Molecular Chaperones, Infectious Diseas... View Profile

Prof Dipankar Nandi

Professor Studying Novel Microbial Genes during Stress and I... View Profile

Dr Purusharth I Rajyaguru

Associate Professor Mechanistic basis of mRNA fate decisions, Regulat... View Profile

Dr Sandeep M. Eswarappa

Assistant Professor Mechanism of physiological and pathological angiog... View Profile

Dr Saravanan Palani

Assistant Professor Molecular Biology... View Profile

Dr Kesavardana Sannula

Assistant Professor RNA sensing... View Profile

Dr Debabrata Laha

Assistant Professor Cell Signalling, Molecular Plant Physiology, and B... View Profile

Dr Mahipal Ganji

Assistant Professor DNA... View Profile

Prof P. N. Rangarajan

Professor (HAG) Medicine.... View Profile

Prof C. Jayabaskaran

Retired Professor Secondary Metabolites of Plant and Microbial Origi... View Profile

Prof H. S. Savithri

Retired Professor Structure and Function of Viral Proteins, PLP-Depe... View Profile

Prof Anjali Anoop Karande

Retired Faculty Immuno-endocrinology.... View Profile

Prof D. Narasimha Rao

Retired Professor DNA-Protein Interactions-Using Restriction-Modific... View Profile

Prof K. Muniyappa

Retired Faculty Understanding the Molecular Mechanisms Underlying ... View Profile

Dr R. Manjunath

Retired Faculty Viral Immunology.... View Profile

Prof Padmanaban Govindarajan

Retired Faculty Molecular Biology, Recombinant DNA and Malarial Pa... View Profile