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Prof Debasish Roy

Professor Stochastic Structural Dynamics, Mesh-free and Fini... View Profile

Prof Chandra Kishen J M

Professor Fracture and Fatigue: Computational and Experiment... View Profile

Prof Jyant Kumar

Professor Lower and Upper Bound Limit Analysis with FEM, Soi... View Profile

Prof Manohar C S

Professor Structural dynamics, Stochastic structural mechan... View Profile

Prof Sekhar M

Professor Physical & Chemical Hydrogeology, Watershed Hydrol... View Profile

Prof Madhavi Latha G

Professor Geosynthetics, Earthquake Geotechnical Engineering... View Profile

Prof Srinivas V V

Professor Stochastic Modelling of Hydroclimate Variables, De... View Profile

Prof Ananth Ramaswamy

Professor Reinforced, Prestressed and Fiber Reinforced Concr... View Profile

Dr Debraj Ghosh

Professor Computational mechanics, Stochastic finite element... View Profile

Prof Nagesh Kumar D

Professor Climate Hydrology, Optimization in Water Resource ... View Profile

Dr Anbazhagan P

Associate Professor Engineering Seismology, Geotechnical Earthquake En... View Profile

Dr Ashish Verma

Associate Professor Sustainable Transportation Planning, Public Transp... View Profile

Prof Narayan K Sundaram

Associate Professor My research interests lie in a broad area that is ... View Profile

Dr Swetha Veeraraghavan

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Debsunder Dutta

Assistant Professor Hydrology, Ecohydrology, High Resolution Remote Se... View Profile

Dr Tarun Rambha

Assistant Professor Real-time Control of Traffic Networks... View Profile

Dr Nanjunda Rao K S

Chief Research Scientist Composites, Masonry structures, R.C.C., Ferro-ceme... View Profile

Prof Vidya  Sagar R

Chief Research Scientist Fracture mechanics of concrete Computational soli... View Profile

Dr Raghuveer Rao P

Principal Research Scientist Mechanics of Unsaturated Soils, Contaminant Transp... View Profile

Prof A.R. Gopalakrishnan

Principal Scientist Nonlinear finite element analysis of concrete stru... View Profile

Prof Pradeep P Mujumdar

Professor (HAG) Hydrologic Impacts of Climate Change, Water Resour... View Profile

Prof Sivakumar Babu G L

Professor (HAG) Risk and reliability applications in Geotechnical ... View Profile

Prof Rao S. Govindaraju

Visiting Professor Watershed hydrology; stochastic and statistical hy... View Profile

Prof P V Sivapullaiah

Retired Faculty Soil Pollutant Interactions, Landfill Liners & Sit... View Profile

Prof. B.K. Raghu Prasad

Retired Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Mohan Kumar M S

Retired Professor Water Resources and Environmental Engineering.... View Profile

Prof Venkatarama Reddy B V

Retired Professor Strucrural Masonry, Alternative Building Technolog... View Profile

Prof. Sudhakar M Rao

Retired Professor Engineering behaviour of unsaturated soils Hazard... View Profile