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Prof. Jayant R. Haritsa

Professor (HAG) Real-time Systems,Performance Modelling... View Profile

Prof Soumyendu Raha

Professor Simulation, Control and Optimization of Constraine... View Profile

Prof Debnath Pal

Professor Genome-wide Function Annotation, Interaction Netwo... View Profile

Dr Sathish S. Vadhiyar

Professor Parallel Application Optimization, GPU Computing, ... View Profile

Prof Sekar K

Professor Structural Biology and Biocomputing, Statistical C... View Profile

Dr Venkatesh Babu R

Professor Computer Vision, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, ... View Profile

Prof Phaneendra Kumar Yalavarthy

Professor Computational methods in medical imaging, multi-mo... View Profile

Dr Partha Pratim Talukdar

Associate Professor Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Dat... View Profile

Prof Sashikumaar Ganesan

Associate Professor Numerical Analysis, Finite Element Methods, Multis... View Profile

Dr Murugesan Venkatapathi

Assistant Professor Optical Properties (Photonic Materials/Condensed M... View Profile

Dr Anirban Chakraborty

Assistant Professor Visual analytics, Data association over graphs, Da... View Profile

Dr Deepak N Subramani

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Konduri Aditya

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Phani Motamarri

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Chirag Jain

Assistant Professor Bioinformatics and computational biology... View Profile

Prof Ratikanta Behera

Assistant Professor Tensor Decompositions, Neural Networks, Numerical ... View Profile

Dr Vaanathi Sundaresan

Assistant Professor Medical Image Analysis, Neuroimaging, Machine Lear... View Profile

Mr Danish Pruthi

Assistant Professor Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine Lear... View Profile

Prof. Nandy S K

Retired Faculty Embedded Systems on a Chip, Chip Multiprocessors, ... View Profile