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Dr Vijay Natarajan

Professor Scientific Visualization, Computational Geometry, ... View Profile

Prof L. Sunil Chandran

Professor Design And Analysis Of Algorithms, Graph Theory... View Profile

Prof Chiranjib Bhattacharyya

Professor Machine Learning, Convex Optimization, Bioinformat... View Profile

Prof Matthew Jacob Thazhuthaveetil

Professor Computer architecture... View Profile

Prof Ravi Kannan

Professor Theoretical computer science, optimization, massiv... View Profile

Dr Vinod Ganapathy

Professor Computer Systems Security ... View Profile

Prof Ambedkar Dukkipati

Professor Statistical Machine Learning, Spectral Graph Metho... View Profile

Prof Shalabh Bhatnagar

Professor Stochastic approximation algorithms, Stochastic co... View Profile

Prof R. C. Hansdah

Professor Distributed Systems Security, Routing and Network ... View Profile

Prof Yadati Narahari

Professor Game Theory, Network Economics, Electronic Commerc... View Profile

Prof Shirish K. Shevade

Professor Pattern Recognition, Data Mining Optimization for... View Profile

Dr Sathish Govindarajan

Associate Professor Combinatorial geometry, spatial data structures, c... View Profile

Dr Bhavana Kanukurthi

Associate Professor Cryptography and Security... View Profile

Dr Siddharth Barman

Associate Professor Approximation Algorithms, Algorithmic Game Theory... View Profile

Dr Arpita Patra

Associate Professor Cryptography and Secure Distributed Computing... View Profile

Dr Chandan Saha

Associate Professor Computational Complexity, Algebra & Number theory... View Profile

Dr Anand Louis

Associate Professor Approximation Algorithms, Spectral Algorithms, Har... View Profile

Prof Arkaprava Basu

Associate Professor Computer architecture, Hardware-Software co-design... View Profile

Dr Sanjit Chatterjee

Associate Professor Cryptology and Information Security... View Profile

Dr Aditya Kanade

Associate Professor Formal methods, programming languages, software en... View Profile

Dr Uday Kumar Reddy B.

Associate Professor Compilers And Runtimes For Multicores And Other Pa... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Hariharan

Associate Professor Pattern Matching Algorithms and Computational Biol... View Profile

Dr Komondoor V Raghavan

Associate Professor Programming Languages, Program Analysis, And Softw... View Profile

Dr Deepak D Souza

Associate Professor Program verification, static analysis, model-check... View Profile

Dr Arindam Khan

Assistant Professor Algorithms and Optimization.... View Profile

Dr Murali Krishna Ramanathan

Assistant Professor Software Engineering, Programming Languages, Scala... View Profile

Dr Rahul Saladi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Shishir N. Y. Kolathaya

Assistant Professor Hybrid Robotic Systems, Safety-Critical Control an... View Profile

Dr Sumit Kumar Mandal

Assistant Professor Networks-on-chip design & analysis, hardware for m... View Profile

Dr Chaya Ganesh

Assistant Professor Cryptography and Security, Theoretical Computer Sc... View Profile

Dr Shivani Agarwal

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Statistical Learning Theory, Com... View Profile

Dr Gugan Thoppe

Assistant Professor Stochastic Approximation, Random Topology and thei... View Profile

Prof. Govindarajan R

Professor (HAG) Parallel Processing, Computer Architecture, Instru... View Profile

Prof. K. Gopinath

Retired Professor Operating Systems, Storage Systems, Systems Securi... View Profile

Prof Y.N. Srikant

Retired Professor Software Component Technology, Timing Analysis Of ... View Profile

Dr V. Susheela Devi

Retired Faculty Pattern recognition, Data Mining, Soft Computin, C... View Profile

Prof. C.E.Veni Madhavan

Retired Faculty Computational Geometry,Graph Theory,Computational ... View Profile

Prof N. Viswanadham

Retired Professor Manufacturing and Service Network Analytics Colla... View Profile

Prof. U.R. Prasad

Retired Faculty Differential Games,Neural Networks, Aerospace fli... View Profile

Prof. Narasimha M. Murty

Retired Professor Genetic Algorithms,Data Mining... View Profile