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Dr P.Victor Anand Raj

Scientific Officer Voice over IP Networks... View Profile

K.S.Sankara Reddy

Scientific Officer Diamond-Like_Carbon films for Microelectronic Appl... View Profile

Dr S.V. Gopalaiah

Scientific Officer Wireless Communication Systems... View Profile


Professor Signal Processing,Fractal image comression... View Profile

Ananth Selvarajan

Professor Optical communications - photonic switching,Microw... View Profile

Prof Vellenki Umapathi Reddy

Professor ... View Profile

Prof K.V.S. Hari

Professor Statistical Signal Processing, Space Time Signal P... View Profile

Prof A. Chockalingam

Professor Communication Networks, Wireless Communication Sys... View Profile

Prof Rajesh Sundaresan

Professor Communication, Computation, And Control Over Netwo... View Profile

Prof Vinod Sharma

Professor High Speed Networks,Wireless Mobile Networks,Queue... View Profile

Prof B. Sundar Rajan

Professor Wireless Communication, Coding Theory, Communicati... View Profile

Prof Neelesh B.Mehta

Professor Wireless Communication Systems, Communication theo... View Profile

Prof Navin Kashyap

Professor Coding for Data Communication and Storage Informa... View Profile

Prof P. Vijay Kumar

Professor Algebraic coding theory, including coding for dist... View Profile

Prof Bharadwaj Amrutur

Professor Low Power, Mixed Signal SoC, Embedded.... View Profile

Prof K.J. Vinoy

Professor Microwave Antennas, Microwave Circuits, Computatio... View Profile

Mr D.B. Ghare

Principal Scientist Epitaxial growth of thin silicon films,Covalent an... View Profile

Dr E.S. Shivaleela

Principal Scientist Photonics and optical communications... View Profile

Smt Anandi Giridharan

Principal Scientist Network Management, Ubiquitous Learning, Communic... View Profile

T.S. Vedavathy

Associate Professor Biological Effects of Mobile Telephone Handset ant... View Profile

Dr Anamitra Makur

Associate Professor subband/multirate systems,Compression standards... View Profile

Dr Utpal Mukherji

Associate Professor Analysis,Control,Optimization... View Profile

Dr Gaurab Banerjee

Associate Professor Analog & Mixed-Signal Systems Research,Gaurab Bane... View Profile

Dr Chandra R. Murthy

Associate Professor Transmit Optimization/Precoding In MIMO Systems C... View Profile

Dr Rajiv Soundararajan

Assistant Professor Signal Processing Theory and Applications, Informa... View Profile

Dr Dipanjan Gope

Assistant Professor Computational Electromagnetics (EM),Circuit-Electr... View Profile

Dr Parimal Parag

Assistant Professor Communication Networks, Communication theory and s... View Profile

Dr Himanshu Tyagi

Assistant Professor Information theory and coding... View Profile

Dr Kausik Majumdar

Assistant Professor Nano-electronics, Semiconductor Device Physics, Qu... View Profile

Dr Varun Raghunathan

Assistant Professor Photonics and optical communications, Biophotonics... View Profile

Dr Aditya Gopalan

Assistant Professor My research interests include machine learning and... View Profile

Dr Sundeep Prabhakar Chepuri

Assistant Professor Signal Processing Theory and Applications, Graph S... View Profile

Dr Vaibhav Katewa

Assistant Professor Analysis and design of security and privacy mechan... View Profile

Dr Rahul Singh

Assistant Professor Machine Learning, Stochastic Control, Networks, Cy... View Profile

Prof Narayana Dutt

Retired Faculty Nonlinear dynamics and chaos,Acoustics and Speech ... View Profile

Prof T.V. Sreenivas

Retired Faculty Speech and Audio Modelling and Compression,Robust ... View Profile

Mr T. Badrinarayana

Retired Faculty Photonics and optical communications... View Profile

Dr Malati Hegde

Retired Faculty Protocol Conformance Testing, Network Monitoring a... View Profile

Mr M. K. Ravishankar

Retired Faculty ... View Profile

Prof Anurag Kumar

Retired Director Performance Modelling,Traffic Engineering,Quality ... View Profile