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Prof Narayanan G

Professor Power Electronics Pulse Width Modulation Techniqu... View Profile

Prof Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula

Professor Bio-Inspired Speech/Audio Processing Image Proces... View Profile

Prof Satish L

Professor Studies on transformer windings Frequency respon... View Profile

Prof Rajanikanth B S

Professor Electrostatic precipitator modelling, Non-thermal ... View Profile

Prof Rajgopal K

Professor Digital Signal Processing... View Profile

Prof Udaya Kumar

Professor Electromagnetics Lightning modelling and Protecti... View Profile

Prof Vinod John

Professor Power Electronics, Distributed Generation, Power Q... View Profile

Prof. Sastry P S

Professor Computational Neuroscience... View Profile

Dr Venu Madhav Govindu

Associate Professor Computer Vision Statistics and Geometry in Vision... View Profile

Dr Soma Biswas

Associate Professor Computer Vision, Image Processing, Medical Imaging... View Profile

Dr Prasanta Kumar Ghosh

Associate Professor Human speech communication science, Engineering mo... View Profile

Dr Sriram Ganapathy

Associate Professor Signal processing, Machine learning, Deep learning... View Profile

Dr Kunal Narayan Chaudhury

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Basu

Associate Professor Power Electronics... View Profile

Dr Gurunath Gurrala

Associate Professor High Performance Computing Applications in Power S... View Profile

Dr Muthuvel Arigovindan

Assistant Professor Multidimensional image restoration Biomedical ima... View Profile

Dr Vishnu Mahadeva Iyer

Assistant Professor Power Electronics ... View Profile

Dr Sarasij Das

Assistant Professor Power System Protection, Smart Grids, Renewable En... View Profile

Dr Kiran Kumari

Assistant Professor event-triggered control, multi-agent system, cont... View Profile

Dr Samir Hazra

Assistant Professor SiC device based high performance high-power conve... View Profile

Dr Pavankumar Tallapragada

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Joy Thomas M

Assistant Professor GIS,Protection of airborne Vehicles and lauch pads... View Profile

Dr Jayachandra Shenoy U

Chief Research Scientist DSP and AI Techniques in Power System Protection ... View Profile

Dr Rathna G N

Principal Research Scientist Embedded Signal/Image Processing Sensor Systems ... View Profile

Dr Subba Reddy B

Chief Research Scientist Working as a Principal Research Scientist at the H... View Profile

Prof Thukaram D

Retired Professor Artificial Intelligence (AI) techniques in Power S... View Profile

Prof Ramakrishnan K R

Retired Professor Digital Signal Processing Image Processing Compu... View Profile

Dr Indraneel Sen

Retired Faculty Analysis and Protection... View Profile

Prof Lawrence Jenkis

Retired Faculty Real Time Systems,Fault Tolerant Architecture... View Profile

Prof Nagendra Rao P S

Retired Professor Parallel Computing... View Profile