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Prof Mugesh, G.

Dean Bioinorganic Chemistry, Medicinal Chemistry, Chemi... View Profile

Prof Jagirdar, B. R.

Dean Organometallic chemistry, inorganic chemistry... View Profile

Dr Abha Misra

Professor Nano Manipulation.... View Profile

Prof Mukherjee, P. S.

Professor Organometallic Materials, Supramolecular Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Sampath, S.

Professor Surfaces, Interfaces and Materials Electrochemistr... View Profile

Prof Arunan, E.

Professor Chemical Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Geetharani, K.

Assistant Professor Main Group and Organometallic Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Bhattacharya, A.

Assistant Professor Spectroscopy and Dynamics in the Gas Phase and at ... View Profile

Dr Soumen Ghosh

Assistant Professor Ultrafast Chiroptical Spectroscopy and Dynamics... View Profile

Dr Harbola, U.

Assistant Professor Inelastic Resonances in STM Currents... View Profile

Dr Ramesh, S. G.

Assistant Professor Theoretical Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Debasis Das

Assistant Professor Chemical Biology, Bioinorganic Chemistry, Enzymolo... View Profile

Dr Veerabhadrarao Kaliginedi

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr A. Thomas

Assistant Professor Light-matter strong coupling, Photochemistry, Phy... View Profile

Dr Ranjan, C.

Assistant Professor Electrochemistry and In Situ Spectroscopy... View Profile

Prof Chakravarty, A. R.

Honorary Professor Inorganic & Physical Chemistry... View Profile

Prof Umapathy, S.

Professor (HAG) Instrumentation Development, Microspectroscopy, La... View Profile

Prof Ramakrishnan, S.

Professor (HAG) Conjugated Polymers, Foldamers, Hyperbranched Poly... View Profile

Dr Sandhya S

Scientific Officer ... View Profile

Prof Vasudevan, S.

Honorary Professor Solid State Chemistry... View Profile

Mr Sanjay Prasad

Principal Research Scientist ... View Profile

Prof Eluvathingal D Jemmis

Honorary Professor Applied Theoretical Chemistry, Structure and React... View Profile

Dr Nethaji, M.

Retired Faculty X-ray Crystallography... View Profile

Prof Sebastian, K. L.

Retired Professor Statistical and Quantum Mechanics... View Profile

Prof Samuelson, A. G.

Retired Professor Coordination and Orgtanometallic Chemistry... View Profile