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Dr G.S. Avadhani

Scientist Processing Science, Electron Microscopy, Electroni... View Profile

Dr R.J. Deshpande

Scientific Officer Mineral Processing, Biomineral processing... View Profile

Dr P. Padaikathan

Scientific Officer Rapid (Far-of from equilibrium) solidification pro... View Profile

Prof Govind S.Gupta

Professor SILICON CARBIDE MANUFACTURING Figure 1. ... View Profile

Dr S. Ranganathan

Professor Nanostructured Materials, Metallic Glasses, Quasic... View Profile

Dr K. Chattopadhyay

Professor Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr M.K. Surappa

Professor Solidification, Processing and characterization of... View Profile

Prof A.H. Chokshi

Professor High temperature deformation and fracture of metal... View Profile

Dr K.T. Jacob

Professor Classical, Statistical and Irreversible Thermodyna... View Profile

Prof K.A. Natarajan

Professor Biometallurgy, Hydrometallurgy, Mineral Processing... View Profile

Prof Subodh Kumar

Professor Mechanical Behaviour, Micro Structural Characteriz... View Profile

Prof V. Jayaram

Professor Composites, Thin films, Processing, Mechanical pro... View Profile

Prof T.A. Abinandanan

Professor Diffusional Phase Transformations,Elastic Stress E... View Profile

Prof Ashok M. Raichur

Professor Bio-Teaching, Environmental Remediation-Pollution ... View Profile

Prof U. Ramamurty

Professor Mechanical behavior of advanced materials, with cu... View Profile

Prof Satyam Suwas

Professor Processing - texture relationship, Deformation and... View Profile

Prof Praveen C. Ramamurthy

Professor Electroactive polymers, Nanocomposite, Organic nan... View Profile

Dr Ravi Raju

Principal Scientist Growth of the intermediate phases in the systems r... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Rajan

Associate Professor Ferroelectric and piezoelectric materials, Relaxor... View Profile

Dr Kaushik Chatterjee

Associate Professor Biomaterials; Biomedical engineering; Tissue engin... View Profile

Dr Chandan Srivastava

Associate Professor Synthesis of isolated nano-solids and nano-structu... View Profile

Dr Aloke Paul

Associate Professor Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr Suryasarathi Bose

Associate Professor Polymer processing, Polymer Blends, Carbon nanotub... View Profile

Dr Praveen Kumar

Associate Professor Mechanical behaviour of materials; Electromigrati... View Profile

Dr S. Karthikeyan

Assistant Professor Dynamic deformation of both light automotive alloy... View Profile

Dr Abhik Choudhury

Assistant Professor Development of quantitative phase-field models for... View Profile

Dr Vijay Sethuraman

Assistant Professor Electrochemically-active and functional materials ... View Profile

Dr Subho Dasgupta

Assistant Professor Printed electronics, Electronic transport in nanom... View Profile

Dr Surendra Kumar Makineni

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof S. Subramanian

Retired Professor Surface and colloid chemistry, Mineral processing,... View Profile

Prof Dipankar Banerjee

Retired Faculty Materials Engineering... View Profile

Dr B V Narayana

Retired Faculty Metallurgical Analysis, Corrosion of metals... View Profile