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Prof Govindan Rangarajan

Director Nonlinear Dynamics, Time Series Analysis.... View Profile

Dr Kaushal Verma

Dean Several Complex Variables.... View Profile

Prof Srikanth K. Iyer

Professor Theoretical and Applied Probability, Statistics B... View Profile

Dr Thirupathi Gudi

Professor Numerical Analysis and Partial Differential Equati... View Profile

Dr Gautam Bharali

Professor Several Complex Variables (SCV), Catch-All Abbrevi... View Profile

Prof E. K. Narayanan

Professor Harmonic analysis... View Profile

Prof Mahesh Ramesh Kakde

Professor Number Theory, Arithmetic Geometry... View Profile

Prof Siddhartha Gadgil

Professor Low Dimensional Topology.... View Profile

Prof Harish Seshadri

Professor Geometry of Intrinsic Metrics in Complex Analysis,... View Profile

Prof A. K. Nandakumaran

Professor Partial Differential Equations Homogenization, Con... View Profile

Prof. Tirthankar Bhattacharya

Professor Hilbert space operator theory, Several variables c... View Profile

Prof S. Thangavelu

Professor Harmonic analysis... View Profile

Dr Apoorva Khare

Associate Professor Positivity and analysis; representation theory of ... View Profile

Dr Manjunath Krishnapur

Associate Professor Probability Theory (Random Matrix Theory, Zeros of... View Profile

Dr Abhishek Banerjee

Associate Professor Algebraic Geometry and Noncommutative Geometry.Non... View Profile

Dr Arvind Ayyer

Associate Professor Probability Combinatorics Statistical Physics M... View Profile

Dr Radhika Ganapathy

Assistant Professor Number theory and Representation theory... View Profile

Dr Sanchayan Sen

Assistant Professor Random discrete structures: Random trees, random g... View Profile

Ms Purvi Gupta

Assistant Professor convex geometry, approximation theory and symplect... View Profile

Dr Shaunak Deo

Assistant Professor Galois representations, Modular forms, p-adic fami... View Profile

Dr Swarnendu Sil

Assistant Professor Calculus of Variations, Partial Differential Equat... View Profile

Mr Muna Naik

Assistant Professor Harmonic Analysis Representation Theory of Semi-... View Profile

Prof Arka Mallick

Assistant Professor Inequalities and their application in studying var... View Profile

Dr Bharathwaj Palvannan

Assistant Professor Algebraic Number theory... View Profile

Dr Ved V. Datar

Assistant Professor Geometric Analysis, Complex differential geometry... View Profile

Dr Subhojoy Gupta

Assistant Professor Teichmueller theory, low dimensional geometry and ... View Profile

Dr Vamsi Pritham Pingali

Assistant Professor Differential geometry, several complex variables, ... View Profile

Dr R. Venkatesh

Assistant Professor Representation theory of infinite-dimensional Lie ... View Profile

Dr Soumya Das

Assistant Professor Analytic aspects of Automorphic forms, analytic an... View Profile

Prof Mrinal K. Ghosh

Professor (HAG) Stochastic Control, Markov Decision Process, Stoch... View Profile

Prof Basudeb Datta

Professor (HAG) Algebraic Topology, Combinatorial Topology, Combin... View Profile

Prof. Amalendu Krishna

Retired Faculty Algebraic Geometry, Physical Formulas, Algebraic C... View Profile

Prof Dilip P. Patil

Retired Professor Commutative Algebra Algebraic Gemometry Algebrai... View Profile

Prof Gadadhar Misra

Retired Professor Functional Analysis.... View Profile