Molecular Reproduction, Development and Genetics

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Prof. Sandhya S Visweswariah

Professor (HAG) Signal Transduction, Cell Biology, Protein Structu... View Profile

Prof P B Seshagiri

Professor (HAG) Early mammalian development and stem cell differe... View Profile

Prof. Arun Kumar

Professor Human Molecular Genetics and Cancer Biology.... View Profile

Dr Upendra Nongthomba

Professor Muscle Development in Drosophila and Zebrafish.... View Profile

Prof Annapoorni Rangarajan

Professor Mechanisms of carcinogenesis and drug resistance i... View Profile

Dr Varsha Singh

Associate Professor ... View Profile

Prof Deepak K Saini

Associate Professor Dynamics of cellular signaling in living cells... View Profile

Dr Ramray Bhat

Assistant Professor Morphology and Microenvironment.... View Profile

Dr Srimonta Gayen

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Tanweer Hussain

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Sona Rajakumari

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Dr Shantanu Shukla

Assistant Professor Microbiology, Microbiomes, Entomology... View Profile

Dr Nikhil Gandasi

Assistant Professor Insulin secretion, Vesicle exocytosis, Cell biolog... View Profile

Prof. Rajan Dighe

Retired Professor Structure Function Analysis of Glycoprotein Hormon... View Profile

Prof. Paturu Kondaiah

Retired Professor Regulation of Eukaryotic Gene Expression in Cancer... View Profile

Prof S Mahadevan

Retired Professor Microbial Genetics, Physiology and Evolution.... View Profile

Prof R M Medhamurthy

Retired Professor Cell biology and physiology of ovarian function in... View Profile

Prof. Addicam Jagannadha Rao

Retired Faculty ... View Profile