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Prof Tushar K. Chakraborty

Professor Organic Synthesis; Peptides and Peptidomimetics; D... View Profile

Dr K. R. Prabhu

Professor Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Asymmetric Cat... View Profile

Dr S Chandrasekaran

Professor Hybrid Organic –Inorganic Chiral Catalysts For A... View Profile

Prof N. Jayaraman

Professor Carbohydrate Chemistry and Glycotechnology,Dendrim... View Profile

Prof Kavirayani R. Prasad

Professor Organic Synthesis, Green Chemistry, Asymmetric Cat... View Profile

Prof. Sosale Chandrasekhar

Professor Novel strategies in asymmetric synthesis,Design of... View Profile

Dr Erode N. Prabhakaran

Associate Professor Synthesis of Novel Isosteres And Amino Acids, Chem... View Profile

Dr Akkattu T. Biju

Associate Professor Transition-Metal-Free Carbon-Carbon and Carbon-Het... View Profile

Dr Mrinmoy De

Associate Professor Synthesis of Layered Molecular Assemblies Preparat... View Profile

Dr Durga Prasad Hari

Assistant Professor Ring-strain driven reaction discovery, Synthesis a... View Profile

Mr Vignesh Palani

Assistant Professor From the inception of medicine, secondary metaboli... View Profile

Prof Sharvan Kumar

Assistant Professor Research focuses on the design, synthesis and sta... View Profile

Dr Garima Jindal

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof Santanu Bhattacharya

Honorary Professor Chemical Biology, Bioorganic Chemistry, Supramolec... View Profile

Prof G.S.R. Subba Rao

Retired Faculty Natural Product Chemistry,Reaction Mechanisms,Orga... View Profile

Prof. Goverdhan Mehta

Retired Faculty Chemistry and reactiity of strained carbocyclic sy... View Profile

Prof K.Madhava Madyastha

Retired Faculty ... View Profile

Prof. Uday Maitra

Retired Faculty Molecular Recognition,Structural Organic Chemistry... View Profile