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Prof. P.S. Anil Kumar

Dean Spintronics, magnetic nano-structures, surface and... View Profile

Prof V . Venkataraman

Professor Physics and Technology of Semiconductors and their... View Profile

Prof Reghu Menon

Professor Conducting polymers, organic semiconductors, polym... View Profile

Dr Banibrata Mukhopadhyay

Professor Physics of Gravitation and Compact Objects. Astrop... View Profile

Dr Arindam Ghosh

Professor Physics at low dimensions: Interaction in quantum ... View Profile

Prof Vijay B. Shenoy

Professor Physics of strongly correlated materials (High Tc ... View Profile

Prof Prabal K Maiti

Professor Multiscale Modeling of Soft and Bio -materials, Co... View Profile

Prof Jaydeep Basu

Professor Rheology of Low Dimensional Particulate Systems; G... View Profile

Dr T V Ramakrishnan

Professor Theoretical Condensed Matter Physics and Statistic... View Profile

Prof Rajan Kanhirodan

Professor Diffuse Optical Tomography.... View Profile

Dr Subroto Mukerjee 

Associate Professor Theoretical condensed matter physics, Transport in... View Profile

Dr Vibhor Singh

Associate Professor Cavity-optomechanics, Superconducting quantum circ... View Profile

Dr Sumilan Banerjee

Associate Professor Thermalization, quantum chaos and localization in ... View Profile

Prof Manish Jain

Associate Professor Theoretical investigations of structural, electron... View Profile

Dr Prateek Sharma

Associate Professor Astrophysical Fluid Dynamics: Instabilities, Buoya... View Profile

Dr Ramesh Chandra Mallik 

Associate Professor Thermoelectric power and transport properties of s... View Profile

Prof Srimanta Middey

Associate Professor Emergent phenomena in oxide heterostructures; Stro... View Profile

Dr Aveek Bid 

Associate Professor Mesoscopic Physics - charge and statistics; phase ... View Profile

Prof Sumantra Sarkar

Assistant Professor Statistical Mechanics, Soft-condensed matter and b... View Profile

Dr Rajeev Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor Theoretical cosmology, Inflation and alternatives,... View Profile

Dr Anindya Das 

Assistant Professor Transport properties of mesoscopic structures in r... View Profile

Dr Tanmoy Das

Assistant Professor Correlated and high-Tc superconductivity, Strongly... View Profile

Dr Nirupam Roy 

Assistant Professor Interstellar medium, galactic dynamics, transient ... View Profile

Dr Prerna Sharma

Assistant Professor Soft Condensed Matter... View Profile

Mr Akshay Singh

Assistant Professor condensed matter experimental physics and material... View Profile

Dr Animesh Kuley

Assistant Professor Plasma Physics, Radio frequent heating and current... View Profile

Dr Sebabrata Mukherjee

Assistant Professor Photonics and condensed matter physics, linear and... View Profile

Dr Tarun Deep Saini

Assistant Professor Cosmology: Dark energy, Gravitational lensing, Str... View Profile

Dr Suja Elizabeth Saji

Principal Research Scientist Crystal growth techniques. Material characteristi... View Profile

Prof Arnab Rai Choudhuri

Professor (HAG) Aastrophysics.... View Profile

Mr Prasad Vishnu Bhotla

Principal Research Scientist Carbon nanoparticles, Fibers, Nanotubes, Zinc oxid... View Profile

Prof R. Ganesan 

Principal Research Scientist Chalcogenide glassy materials and Multilayers chal... View Profile

Prof K. Ramesh

Principal Research Scientist Amorphous Semiconductors, Properties of glasses in... View Profile

Prof D. Victor Suvisesha Muthu

Principal Scientist ... View Profile

Prof Ajay Kumar Sood

Honorary Professor Soft Condensed Matter, Raman Spectroscopy, Brillou... View Profile

Prof Vasant Natarajan

Retired Professor Laser cooling and trapping of atoms, high-resoluti... View Profile

Prof S. Ramakumar

Retired Professor Biomolecular and chemical crystallography ... View Profile

Dr K.P. Ramesh

Retired Professor NMR/NQR in solids Transparent glass ceramics, Cond... View Profile

Prof Chanda J Jog

Retired Professor Galactic Dynamics: Lopsided Spiral Galaxies, Veric... View Profile

Prof H.R Krishnamurthy

Retired Professor Theoretical condensed Matter Physics, with a foc... View Profile

Prof Rahul Pandit

Retired Professor Condensed-matter theory, statistical mechanics of ... View Profile

Prof K.S. Sangunni

Retired Faculty Role of defects in chalcogenide glasses.... View Profile

Prof Chandan Dasgupta

Retired Professor Dynamics and equilibrium properties of supercooled... View Profile