Solid State and Structural Chemistry Unit

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Prof Aninda Jiban Bhattacharyya

Professor Physical and Materials Chemistry, Electrochemistry... View Profile

Prof Srinivasan Natarajan

Professor Inorganic Materials Chemistry, Framework Solids La... View Profile

Dr Satish A. Patil

Professor Organic Solar Cells, Biodegradable Polymers for Dr... View Profile

Dr Anshu Pandey

Associate Professor Our research is aimed at understanding new physica... View Profile

Dr Govardhan Reddy

Associate Professor Protein folding and aggregation DNA-protein inter... View Profile

Dr Naga Phani Aetukuri

Assistant Professor Electroactive Heterostructures and Surfaces for El... View Profile

Dr Vivek Tiwari

Assistant Professor Spectroscopy, Electronics, Energy, Measurement, In... View Profile

Dr Abhishake Mondal

Assistant Professor Physical and Materials Chemistry... View Profile

Dr Sheetal Kumar Jain

Assistant Professor Solid-state NMR... View Profile

Prof Sreedhara M B

Assistant Professor 2D Layered Materials and their Heterostructures I... View Profile

Dr Awadhesh Narayan

Assistant Professor ... View Profile

Prof. Biman Bagchi

Honorary Professor Statistical Mechanics, Moleculat Relaxation ... View Profile

Prof Gautam R. Desiraju

Honorary Professor Exploring the Concept of Structural Landscape in C... View Profile

Prof T. N. Guru Row

Honorary Professor Chemical Crystallography and Materials Design... View Profile

Prof. D.D. Sarma

Honorary Professor Strongly correlated electron systems; Semiconducti... View Profile

Dr A. Govindaraj

Principal Research Scientist Synthesis, Characterization, Study Of Properties A... View Profile

Prof K.R. Kannan

Senior Scientific Officer Electron microscopy, spectroscopy, catalysis... View Profile

Prof R. Sathishkumar

Senior Scientific Officer In-situ cryo-crystallography: In-situ cryo-crystal... View Profile

Dr A.K. Shukla

Retired Professor Materials Electrochemistry with Emphasis to Batter... View Profile

Dr Nagarajarao Suryaprakash

Retired Professor ... View Profile

Prof S. Yashonath

Retired Professor Theoretical Chemistry, Physical Chemistry, diffusi... View Profile

Prof K.J. Rao

Retired Professor Glass systems based on sulphates,Aluminates,Silica... View Profile

Prof. M. S. Hegde

Retired Faculty Solid State Chemistry and Catalysis... View Profile

Prof V. Jayaram

Retired Faculty Space Application, Development of Electronics Syst... View Profile

Prof J. Gopalakrishnan

Retired Professor Solid State Inorganic/Materials Chemistry: Synthes... View Profile

Prof N.Y. Vasanthacharya

Retired Faculty Electrical and magnetic Properties of Solids ... View Profile

Prof S. Ramasesha

Retired Professor Low lying states and Dynamic Properties... View Profile